Staff Directory for Central Administration can be found here.

Leo W. Cavinder

Superintendent of Schools

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Tim Cavinder

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Soya White

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Shannon Hume

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Ainsley Ziegler

Senior Advisor to the Superintendent of Schools

William Snipes

Chief of Staff

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Kenneth Forrester

Director of Special Education

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Doyle White

Director of Technology Services

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Charles Harris

Director of Facilities

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Randy Tellez

Director of Transportation

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Pamela Welsh

Director of Child Care

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Connie Paquet

Director of Child Nutrition

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James Sanchez

Director of Athletics

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Cathy Ouellette

Director of Human Resources

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Dr. Christina Cavinder, RN

Director of Health Services

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Johnson Kirkpatrick

Director of Student Learning

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Karen Duby

Director of Admissions

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Carol Watterson

Director of Student Assessment

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Gregory Findlay

Director of Communications