Vaccine Boosters

Over time, the vaccine will wane immunity. This is normal. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA and CDC have approved a booster shot for certain groups. At this time the Booster shot is not required, but highly recommended for eligible groups.

If you have gotten the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, you may qualify for a booster. See the current groups that are eligible below.

  • Those below 18 years of age do not qualify

  • Gotten both does of the Pfizer vaccine

  • Been at least six (6) months since getting your second dose

The following groups SHOULD get the booster:

  • People 65+ or living in long term care facility

  • People 50-64 with underlying health conditions

The following groups MAY get the booster:

  • People 18-49 with underlying health conditions

  • People 18-64 with an increased risk of COVID-19 exposure due to occupational or intuitional setting

Booster shots are scheduled the same way as when you got your first shots. Call 211 for assistance.

Everyone 12 years of age and above can get a vaccine in Indiana.

Starting this fall, all RCS staff and students will be required to have a COVID-19 Vaccine and be fully vaccinated before returning to campus.

Exact Requirement

In order to enter the school, you must have gotten at least one (1) dose of the vaccine and have a second appointment (if applicable) scheduled.

A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the last dose. If you get vaccinated, but not fully, you must still wear a mask until you meet fully vaccinated standards.

Report Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

After getting your final dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine, you must report getting by taking a picture or scanning your CDC card that you got when you received your shot. Remember, fraudulent or fake cards are not permitted and are illegal.

Your CDC card may be checked against the IDOH database to confirm accuracy.

Report COVID-19 Vaccine Attestation Form

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  1. Religious - per Indiana state law

  2. Medical - per Indiana state law with documentation

  3. Under 12 years of age

Those under Exemption #3 do not need to report anything. Anyone else needs to email to request the exemption. These requests will only be approved if legitimate.

Getting My Vaccine

Students 16 years of age or below must get the Pfizer vaccine. Those above 16 may choose from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. To schedule an appointment, see locations, visit or call 211.

Resources from the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH)