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  • Child Protective Services Report

  • Level 1 Complaint Form

  • Level 2 Complaint Form

  • Level 3 Complaint Form

  • Level 4 Complaint Form

  • Parents Consent for Administration of Medication

  • Formal Report of Harassment and/or Intimation

  • Informal Report of Harassment and/or Intimation

  • Criminal History Background Check

  • Complaint of Unwanted Behavior

  • Report of Bullying Allegations

  • Preliminary Report of Alleged Child Abuse or Neglect

Data Requests


Most corporation and school data is published on the public data website for the corporation, RCSView. However, you may request data by reaching out via email to Requests will be reviewed and may be rejected at the dissection of the corporation. The corporation follows FERPA and your request may not be approved for that reason.