Curriculum Development

At RCS, all courses are developed around the Indiana Academic Standards (hereinafter IAS).

How We Develop Curriculum


Step 1: First, educators took their textbook curriculum and aligned to the IAS.

Step 2: Educators look at the IAS for their respective courses and unpacked the standards by looking at what the concept (or the what), the skill (the how), and the context.

Step 3: Then, we look to see which standards should be prioritized in the curriculum under four metrics;

* Readiness - is this a prerequisite to a future course

* Endurance - does this standard come up throughout the course or year

* Accountability - does this appear on a summative test

* Leverage - does this standard apply to other courses

Step 4: Standards are placed in their respective categories; Critical (High), Important (Medium), and Additional (Low).

Step 5: Now that the standards are aligned, unpacked, and prioritized, we will place them on an instructional calendar. Using the textbook and the standards, figure out how much time should be designed to each standard and create a draft

Step 6: Using the instructional calendar, create a final scope and complete the curriculum guide. CFAs should also been done during this step.

Adopted Curriculum Maps 21-22 SY


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Algebra I Curriculum Map
English 9 Curriculum Map
Biology Curriculum Map