Name Title Email/Phone

Cavinder, Leo W. Superintendent of Schools

Cavinder, Timothy Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Hume, Shannon Chief Education Officer

White, Soya Chief Financial Officer

Ziegler, Ainsley Senior Advisor to the Superintendent

Wilson, Don Senior Advisor to the Chief Education Officer

Snipes, William General Counsel

Reynolds, Daniel Title IX Officer

Gallaway, Kenneth Chief Safety & Security Officer

Ouellette, Cathy Human Resources Officer

Burchell, Pearly Student Intervention Coordinator

Lancaster, Kinda Treasurer

Ferguson, Phyllis Deputy Treasurer

Wisdom, Cheryl Accounts Payable Coordinator

Cox, Evelyn Payroll Assistant

Holcomb, Laureate Payroll Coordinator

Kibitzer, Barbara Receptionist

Lynch, Frank Administrative Assistant

Winkler, Krystal Administrative Assistant

Mathieu, Micah Information Systems Manger

Duby, Karen Chief Admissions Officer

Artz, Thelma Deputy Admissions Officer

Findlay, Gregory Chief Communications Officer

McCoy, Marvin School Resource Officer